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Maybe you have a wonderful idea that needs to be put into action at the moment, or are working on a great project that requires our products and needs our help.
We are professionals in the field of underwater propulsion and we are ready to help our customers to solve problems, realise wonderful ideas and promote great projects.

It is our duty to help our customers to solve their troubles and achieve their goals.

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Personalisation Customisation

If our existing thrusters/motors cannot meet your needs, we support customisation.

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Working Voltage

Customisable operating voltage range: 7V-380V.

Rated Power

Customisable power range: 0-100KW.

MAX Thrust

Maximum thrust up to 1000Kg.

Waterproof Depth

Maximum waterproof depth up to 3000Km.


Product size and mounting bracket can be customised according to the actual situation.


Customise other aspects.

What Our Clients Say

APISQUEEN products are sold to more than 100 countries around the world, with customers including school laboratories, water sports enthusiasts, enterprises, etc., helping customers achieve their goals and achieve good results.

Bolted 2 thrusters to my kayak and linked 2 12v lithium battery’s together to make 24v and can honestly say it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever made. The look on people’s faces is great.


We customised our waterproof motor with ceramic bearings and it’s fantastic.

Matthew Fox​

I am a Swiss High-Scool Student and as my final project, i built a ROV. For this Purpose I ordered 8 of the U8 Thrusters and they worked Very well and have a lot of Thrust. (Even too much for me, i had to power them with a lower pwm Signal than the Maximum)

Also the Quality of the Product seems very good and I’m Happy with the Product .

John Doe

Typical Products

Underwater propellers ▏Waterproof brushless motors ▏ESC ▏Boat hulls etc.

Our Expert Team

We are honoured to have met some of the best minds in the field of underwater equipment today, who have guided us and helped us perfect our products. The many knowledgeable customers have given us great affirmation and support, making us even more determined in our perfectionist craftsmanship, taking the boundaries of technology as our own, and working tirelessly in pursuit of a better user experience.

Yukun Feng

Vice President

Dr. Wang

Project Leader


Account Manager