Our main product categories

We mainly develop and manufacture products related to underwater/overwater equipment.

Underwater Thruster

YAPISQUEEN propellers are mainly brushless and can meet most of the customers’ needs.

  • Support for customisation;
  • Place an order in bulk and we’ll give you back all the money you spent on samples up front;
  • Standard product thrust range 0-60Kg.

Waterproof Brushless Motor

The motors we develop and produce mainly consist of inner rotor brushless motors and outer rotor brushless motors.

  • Stainless steel bearings are used (ceramic bearings and plastic bearings are optional);
  • Supports customisation, with options to add encoder/Hall sensor/temperature sensor, etc.
  • Maximum customisable 50KW motor.
Underwater Thruster


APISQUEEN produces ESCs mainly for thrusters and motors, perfectly adapted to our thrusters and motors.

  • Supports customisation of higher power ESCs.
  • Firmware optimized specifically for underwater thrusters, with excellent compatibility.
  • A program specifically for thrusters, with rapid throttle adjustment response during use.